Crypto Pump Tutorial

What are crypto Pump?

Your task is to quickly buy the cryptocurrency coin that announced on The website through The Hotbit exchange, as the quicker you buy the more profit you make. The crypto Pumps happen quickly on the exchange and do not reflect on other cryptocurrency exchanges. The pump only works on The sudden and significant increase in volume attracts outside investors and trading bots to invest heavily in the coin within 1-2 minutes of our participants buying. The coin typically increases by over 1000% and we then sell for profit.

Quick Start Guide

1️⃣ Sign up for the Hotbit exchange here: You can also download the Hotbit app and use this, however we recommend signing up on the website first. You may need to complete ‘Google authentication’ to deposit & withdraw. To do this, just download the ‘Google Authenticator’ app on Android or IOS and follow the insurrections in Hotbit’s security settings. This should be set up on the website, you can log into the app after..

ALL pumps can only be entered on Hotbit. You don’t need to do any advanced verification or KYC to deposit, trade and withdraw on Hotbit, only your email or phone number and Google Authenticator is required. You can begin using your account straight away to enter the pumps!

2️⃣ Buy USDT directly on Hotbit OR Deposit USDT in your Hotbit account. All the coins we pump are paired with USDT, so you need this coin ready in your Hotbit account to enter. Keep USDT in your Hotbit ‘Spot’ wallet. You can buy USDT directly in Hotbit with your local currency by clicking 'Buy Crypto' in the menu. You can also buy USDT on another exchange like Binance or Coinbase if this is easier for you, then transfer your USDT into your Hotbit account. If choosing to transfer USDT across to Hotbit, make sure you deposit USDT using any of the same network as the exchange you’re sending it from (trc20, erc20 etc). Further info on how to deposit is below.

3️⃣ Buying the coin When the coin name is announced, we buy the coin with our USDT as quickly as possible. We then sell after a few minutes, exchanging our coin back to USDT and you’ll see your profit!

How is cryptocurrency chosen?

When the countdown finishes, the system randomly chooses one of eight cryptocurrencies from the list. Even we won't be able to find out which cryptocurrency will be chosen. Check our GitHub source code for further details.

How to join the crypto pump?

The pumps all happen on the Hotbit exchange, so the first thing you need to do is create an account on Hotbit here: You can also download the Hotbit app on IOS or Android which is great & easy to use for the pumps. You don’t need to submit any ID or KYC Verification to deposit, trade & withdraw on Hotbit, only an email or phone number is required to open an account.

All the coins that we put on list to pump (paired) with USDT, so you need to have USDT into your Hotbit account for the amount you want to invest. You can buy USDT directly on Hotbit (click 'Buy Crypto' in the Hotbit menu) or on multiple exchanges like Binance or Coinbase and then transfer it into your Hotbit wallet using the instructions below. You can deposit USDT using any network (trc20, erc20 or BEP20) as long as it’s the same as the network you are sending it from. For example, any Coinbase withdrawals of USDT is using the ERC20 network. Binance withdrawals can use any network (you get to choose).


Go to Fund —> Deposit —> Search USDT —> Select the network you are sending through and you’ll see your deposit address. Copy this address and paste it into the exchange you’re withdrawing from. You can use any network (trc20, erc20 etc) to deposit your USDT (as long as it matches the network you’re sending from). Keep USDT in your ‘Spot’ wallet NOT ‘Funding’.

How to Prepare for your first crypto pump?

Now you’ve got USDT prepared in your Hotbit wallet, Practice buying & selling on Hotbit before you enter the pumps. It’s super easy once you learn.

how to participate in the crypto pump?

When the coin is announced, you need to buy the coin immediately, as quickly as possible. You can sell at your own decision, whenever you are happy with your profit.

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